Ep. 55. Deadwood City: Week Three Happy Anniversary To Us!

This week is a very special week which is why you’re getting this episode a day early WE’RE CELEBRATING ONE WHOLE YEAR OF FINISH IT!

That’s right, it’s our actual factual one year anniversary. Never fear! We are all about Wild West adventure this week, but this episode is also jammed up with a humiliating amount of self congratulatory nonsense. Segments! Look-backs! Sing-songs! Complies and Concries! And the very first FINISH IT PODCAST giveaway! Want some fun merch for free? Listen in to find out how to win it! (Or just scroll to the bottom of the post.)

THANK YOU to everyone who has spread the word about this silly show. We love doing it, but it is actually rewarding to know that other humans are entertained – even if only a bit – by our goof-arounds. So thank you SO SUPER MUCH and enjoy!

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Original illustrations by Paul Granger.


Oh hi! Want to know how to enter the sweeps to win some silly Finish It! merch? Just leave a review of the Finish It! podcast wherever you listen to it (iTunes, Stitcher, you know wherever) and send us a screengrab or link by 11:59:59 ET 5/22/19. The randomly-selected winner will receive a variety of goodies as mentioned in the podcast above.

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