Ep. 129. Creeptobscare Week 4: Revenge of Haunted Halloween Party

Creeptobscare comes to a creepy conclusion with the return of Finish It!’s traditional Halloween read! This year, Chris holds hands with monsters and runs home, and Matt hides from monsters in a box which goes badly.

Also, Chris challenges Matt to user-generated round of Interactive Fiction or Modern Board Game (thanks again, David!), Matt rolls the dice with some Benadryl, the Ad Boys spend no joke 13 minutes trying their hand at candy corn rehabilitation (sorry we really got into it), and lots of creeps moan the vowel “E” (which is tricky).

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Illustrations by Ron Wing


One thought on “Ep. 129. Creeptobscare Week 4: Revenge of Haunted Halloween Party

  1. Felt called out when you said wake up the kids, as I sit in here in my precious parent after-hours time with my 1 year old, 3 year old, and 5 year old asleep, all cozy in my arm chair with a blanket and a heating pad on my aching back, sipping a white Russian and nibbling a homemade chocolate chip cookie. Living my best life!

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