Ep. 146. CyberHacker with Asterios Kokkinos!

This week, the Yules are joined by the internet’s very own uncle Asterios Kokkinos from the extremely good and extremely cyberpunk podcast, Jacked! Get ready to run a hardline to the mainframe because the year is now 2098 and all of your cybers are about to be hacked!

No time for fun copy! Jump into the episode because it’s a dang delight! And check below for vital links to everything Asterios is up to (which is a lot) and more (because there’s more)!

Get the Solo But Not Alone Bundle! It’s for a Good Cause AND You can TTRPG on Your Own!

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Turn it Up with Asterios and Sirancha on THE LOUDEST PODCAST

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Original illustration by Eric Cherry.


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