What is This?

Ok, so what is this about?

We loved interactive fiction books as kids. We read bunches of them and had had wild adventures as knights and wizards and space guys and – best of all – we died horribly, over and over again.

Now that we are big boy grown-ups, we want to pay tribute to the creators and artists of these masterpieces by reading every, single page of as many books as we can before we die.

Each week, we’ll both take a crack at the story, making different choices and following different paths each time until we’ve read every page, seen every illustration, and died every death – brutal, monotonous, or otherwise.

No fingers will be used to hold our place in case we make a boo-boo. There will be no backsies. No cheating. We will learn these books inside and out. We will unearth the tricks and traps of the Creators. (We will probably also get frustrated and make fun of them, too. Sorry about that in advance.)

We will certainly not lose our minds.

Join us, won’t you, as we pay tribute with our sanity to the stories that blew our minds open when we were young and impressionable.

Every page, every ending, every book. Until we are dead or mad. Or done, I guess.

Matt & Chris