Where Should I Start?

Great question! Here’s a quick guide to the books featured so far. Don’t be overwhelmed, just pick your favorite genre and dive on in. Or start with episode 1 for the full Finish It! experience. (Don’t worry, Matt only has his microphone backwards for that first episode. It sounds a lot better after that.)

The Cave of time

A wild journey through time and space and a cave. Like, a whoooole lotta cave. The first official book of the series has tons of endings and intense adventures with all the added fun of Chris and Matt only just starting to realize what they’ve gotten themselves into.

Who Killed Harlowe Thrombey?

A classic murder mystery, except the sleuth is a boy who is absolutely in over his head. Listen in as the brothers Yule solve the case in, like, the first week and then have to keep reading over and over and over. Lots of twists and turns, and yes, some light child detective murder.

Space Vampire

Pure sci-fi awesomeness. Vampires in space. Just incredible. Join Space Force (not that one) and prepare to black out for adventure!

Finish It! The Podcast: The Musical: Space Vampire

Finish It!’s first entirely musical episode. 30 dang minutes of all-out, rock musical awesomeness. Having listened to the rest of the book is absolutely not essential. (But you’ll enjoy it even more when you listen again after catching up!)

Deadwood City

If the phrase “Wild, Wild West” makes you think about starting a newspaper, boy is this the book for you! Tons of cowboy weirdness and a real cool bad guy made this a rootin’ tootin’ fun time.

The Forbidden Castle

Unicorns and dragons and the inside of the Forbidden Castle are just a few of the things mentioned but not shown in this amazing book. Come for the fantasy possibilities, stay for the ending where you befriend a Robin Hood-type, spend your life with him in the woods palling around with his merry buds, take on his mantle when he passes away, and then immediately sell him out for a castle and a job helping travelers through the forest he loved so much. Harsh. Also there’s a mad king and he’s amazing.

Rock and Roll Mystery

A natural fit! Only you can solve the mystery of who kidnapped your bandmates right before your big tour. And if it turns out to be aliens bent on taking over the world with vegetarian restaurants, well… I actually don’t know how to end that sentence. Crazy rockin’ fun full of all the 80s rock references you’re yearning for. And also “video clubs” whatever they are.

Finish It! The Podcast: The Musical 2: Rock and Roll Mystery

It was inevitable. Also, the perfect way to celebrate Finish It!’s 100th episode! 45 dang minutes of drama, guitar solos played on midi keyboards, and notes that are just a weency bit too high. Again, no need to have listened to the rest of the book in order to enjoy this goofiness, but listen again once you have to pick up all those loosey goosey in-jokes you may have missed the first time around!

House of Danger

A true classic, and truly bizarre. Giant chimpanzees, Civil War specters, an alien whose head transforms into a spaceship – this book has it all. In one dangerous house. Fun for fans of ghost stories and sci-fi geeks and history buffs and… I mean, there’s something for everyone, really.

Journey Under the Sea

Book number two is finally chosen and takes the brothers on a search for Atlantis. This is the current book, and it appears to be filled with lasers, sharks, giant squids, cool sea suits that fit kinda tight, creepy Atlanteans and plenty more. Also so many endings! No pirates, but that doesn’t stop the brothers from writing tons of pirate-y jangles!


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Do you like Jurassic Park? Well this is like that but better because the rich genius who is cloning dinos has a plan that is so wild I’m not even going to write it here because you wouldn’t believe me if I did. Excellent adventure, crazy deaths, exploding volcanoes, and some of the darkest moments yet. But also fun!


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Dragons! Wizards! Treasure! Magic! Heavy metal! It’s our current read and it’s as D&D as it gets. So strap in and join us as we see what this adventure has in store. (We’re hoping for some cool magical weapons. Or dragon riding.)