Ep. 10. The Cave of Time: Week Ten with Joe Starr!

To celebrate big ol’ episode number 10, Matt and Chris welcome their very first guest! You know him from Honest Trailers, Hyper RPG’s Pencils and Parsecs, Screen Junkies News, Movie Fights and so much more – it’s the delectable Joe Starr!

Joe joins the guys to take an adventure of his own. That’s right! Having a guest means Chris and Matt get to be lazy!

Will Joe choose an all new tale to call his own? Or will he completely replay a story Matt and Chris have already read, thereby pushing the completion of this ridiculous project off by another gee-dee week? What do you think?

And don’t miss Joe playing a devious round of “Interactive Fiction or Episode of Pencils and Parsecs,” the premiere of our new segment “Donny’s Gotta Know,” and bodily-fluid-drenched anecdotes from Joe’s bachelor party. Ah, memories!

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Who is Donny?

Original illustrations by Paul Granger.

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