EP. 39. Space Vampire: Week Two Mmm Outer Space Mmm is the Perfect Place (for Space Vampires)

This week, Chris and Matt find out that space can be a pretty dark and terrifying place and if you’re a couple of big, dumb, nappin’ idiots, things will go bad for everyone you care about.

Also, Chris teaches you about the history of galactic creeps in the new segment Hide and Space Vampires, the guys do some predictions, Matt can’t wait to meet someone, Chris is challenged to a round of Choose Your Own Adventure Space Force Fact or Stupid Fake Trump Space Force Fact, we learn a valuable lesson from Jack Smythe, Chris hopes you like vocoder, and it’s someone’s special day!

(Also, #MitCoT is back, and it won’t be eight minutes long anymore!)

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Who Doesn’t Need a “Mudge, P.I.” Laptop Sleeve?

Original illustrations by Judith Mitchell.

SFX “Stream Train Whistle” by Daniel Simion


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