EP. 43. Space Vampire: Week Six Valentine’s Day Smoochcast

This week is a total romance blowout! The brothers took your Valentine’s Day messages and transformed them into song so your special whoevers will think you are the super coolest! Which you are!

Also, Chris grabs him a vamper, Matt schools his brother on short and disappointing, there is way too much lip biting going on, B-beep has the wrong idea about human insides, Chris dominates the listener-suggested Interactive Fiction or Sci Fi Pictures Original Film (thanks, @Dantendo64!), Spurtacus is a thing, love jams come flying down the eartracks, and chapter 8 of Meanwhile in the Cave of Time is unleashed!

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Original illustrations by Judith Mitchell.

Horse galloping sound effect by: prosounder (under cc sampling plus 1.0)

Horse whinny sound effect by InspectorJ of Freesound.org (under cc attribution 3.0 unported)


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