Ep. 49. Space Vampire: Week Twelve Prepare for Blackout with Howard Walfish!

This week is all about Sad Pizza Party storytellin’ and hangin’ with honorary Yule boy, HOWARD. And Chris gets pain medication injected in his butt!

Also, YHDYSOFAS is reunited and they inflict their “music” on your ears, Chris gets nude for randos, Matt dresses like a dracula for his sad pizza adventure (thanks a lot, @AnastasiaElena), Howard MAKES ALL HIS OWN CHOICES WITHOUT ANY HELP FROM ANYONE, the guys learn that sometimes pizza parties find YOU, Choose-It-Or-Lose-Its are invented, Chris and Howard are challenged to an ultimately very easy round of Interactive Fiction or Episode of Pokemon, and terrible things happen in the night!

You may have noticed that SAD PIZZA PARTYs took over so dumb Matt forgot about #MitCoT which is ridiculous! There is no acceptable apology, so all I (Matt) will say is Meanwhile in the Cave of Time roars back April 2 whether or not that is a thing that you want!

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Original illustrations by Judith Mitchell.


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