Ep. 52. Deadwood City: Week One Looks Like We Made It

This week the guys have news SO HOT the HOT NEWS jangle is totally inappropriate! Also HOLY COW IT’S WILD WEST TIMES as Finish It! heads to the cowboy zone!

Also, Matt is challenged to a round of Interactive Fiction or Real Life Cave, you may have noticed a title change just then don’t worry WE ADDRESS IT, there are downright too many freakin jangles in this ep, the theme is all cowboy’d up and fresh like dew on a cactus, big predictions are made, Chris reveals the Buffy-ish theme that could have been, “choo choo choo gimme interactive fiction,” and oh man this book is way too much like Cave of Time for comfort WE MAY HAVE MADE A MISTAKE (but at least we’re making it together!).

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Original illustrations by Paul Granger (HE’S BACK).


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