Ep. 68. Deadwood City: Week Sixteen Screaming Into a Trash Can

This week, Matt drifts through the cowboy life into a drama-free happy ending, Chris hits the dusty gulches to do some surgical book janitoring, and the guys announce the winner of that find-all-the-Imagine-Dragons-lyrics contest thing Chris made up!

Plus, get ready to be Read-Teased to exhaustion, Deadwood Fun Facts introduces the world to the Main Street shoot-outs and Family Approved Assassinations of DeadwoodAlive.com, Chris weeps as Matt absolutely crushes on the new segment Surprise Karaoke (please visit FinishItPod on Twitter to grade Matt’s performance), Matt challenges Chris to a game of Interactive Fiction or Episode of Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers (which we may have done before), and oh boy oh geez the brothers sure are making a LOT OF THE SAME CHOICES WUH OH!

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Original illustrations by Paul Granger.


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