Ep. 71. Deadwood City: Week Eighteen A Little Light on the Energy Scale

This week, Matt bets that there’s nothing new to discover in the final few pages of Deadwood City, but Chris counters with a Bon Jovi-esque miracle move that just might change his mind!

Plus, the guys drop a white hot Data Dump and discover they’re awfully close to done with this book, Matt whisks you away to Saloon No. 10 in this week’s edition of Deadwood Fun Facts, Chris challenges Matt to the first ever CHECK YOUR KNOWLEDGE QUIZ to see if he remembers anything about the subject matter of this very podcast, the brothers dig into a fresh batch of Complies and Concries, and a Predictions Bet Battle goes down and the loser has to write a nice song about the winner! What a chump!

You guys! It’s almost time to vote for the next book! We have ideas, but find us on that twitter and let us know what YOU want to hear. More of the types of books we’ve been reading? Or a whole new brand of interactive adventure?

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Original illustrations by Paul Granger.


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