Ep. 73. Deadwood City: Week Twenty There’s a Piano Now

This week, THE GUYS JUST MIGHT FINISH DEADWOOD CITY! There’s only two endings left. Could this be the end? Anything can happen! OR CAN IT?! Plus, find out what they’ll be reading next!

That’s right, THE USERS HAVE SPOKEN (voted) and the guys are pumped to announce the next book they’ll be tackling! But you have to listen to find out because that’s how they getcha. Or I guess look at the twitter poll? Who knows! Also, Chris plugs in his keyboard so now music can – and does – happen whenevs, Matt digs into the archives of the Black Hills Daily Times to bring a wet and wild Deadwood Fun Fact to breathing, screaming life, Pepe LePew needs to be MeToo’d, Chris challenges Matt to a quizzed-up edition of Who Do You Ship?, and only the Knowing Ones can tell you if you need your umbrella today. AND THERE’S A SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT AT THE VERY END ABOUT A FUN LIL THING SO DON’T MISS IT WINK EMOJI!

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Original illustrations by Paul Granger.


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