Ep. 91. The Forbidden Castle: Week Fourteen The Last Castle?

This week, the Yule boys just might wrap this book up! But do they have what it takes to find both ending 27 AND the super secret, not-even-mentioned-on-the-front-cover 28th ending? WHO KNOWS?!

Also, Chris challenges Matt to a round of Interactive Fiction or Episode of Castle (get it?), Matt gives what might be the very last Castle Sad Fact ever, Gratitudes get thrown all over the place, and the guys do a MASSIVE Predictions rundown. Did you make a prediction? Listen now to find out if you get +5 FinishItPoints! (If you did, send your address to finishitpod@gmail.com or DM us on that Twitter and prepare to wait patiently for a long time for your reward!)

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Original illustrations by Paul Granger.


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