Ep. 109. Struggle Down Under with Dani and Bill from Escape This Podcast!

Last week seemed like the wrong time for Yule brothers doofiness – and, to be honest, there’s currently still way more important things going on that we should all be paying attention to – but we’re back this week with a humungous and fun episode for any moment you might have where you need to step back and take a break with some goofs.

This week the brothers are delighted to welcome special guests Dani and Bill from the amazing Escape This Podcast (which Chris and Matt were honored to guest on last week) and Solve This Murder. Bill and Dani live in Australia, and Chris and Matt are hillllllarious, so you better believe we’re heading DOWN UNDA for a CRACKIN GOOD adventure ME PLOMPO! That’s right, we’re forcing these very nice people to read Struggle Down Under!

If you’re able and looking to donate to some worthy causes, here are some that Finish It! has given to, or will be giving to soon, that you might want to check out:

Black Lives Matter

Black Trans Protestors Emergency Fund

Act Blue Megafund (Splits one donation to tons of great places)

Illustrations from Struggle Down Under by S. Burphon, S. Yaweera, and J. Donploypetch.


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