Ep. 157. The Dragon’s Den: Week Five Zarvus and the Magic Rope

This week, a teeny old mystery is solved, a huge new mystery is revealed, Matt becomes indispensably good at something indescribably dumb, and Zarkon shoots a magic rope at Chris. Adventure!

Also, Chris challenges Matt to an all-new quiz format called “Unreissued” (thanks, @midnitelibrary!), Matt takes everyone to Self Care Corner for a little camping trip, and Willie “Top Hat” Williamson is out there somewhere in that old-timey boxing pose living it up.

BONUS GOOD STUFF! Don’t miss us and lots more amazing shows at the Scavengers Network Indie Podcast Showcase this Friday, May 21 through Sunday, May 23!

Don’t Miss the Scavengers Network Indie Podcast Showcase!

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Original illustrations by Paul Abrams.


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