Ep. 165. The Throne of Zeus: Week One Down into the Murky Stucks

Yay! New book day! The brothers crack open their new adventure, but will they get very far? Nope! But never fear, there’s lots going on! New music! New jangles! All the same old goofs! And for all you video-gamers… Hades shows up! ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?

Plus, Chris challenges Matt to a round of Interactive Fiction or Episode of Class of the Titans, the guys give their ancient Greek predictions, God Bingo begins, Glenn Danzig gets provoked, and Complies and Concries are now suddenly Fables!

ALSO if you like SAD PIZZA PARTIES, don’t miss the upcoming Live Stream Extravaganza Saturday, July 24 at 10pm ET/7pm PT on the Finish It! YOUTUBE channel! The brothers will be reviewing your Dragons’ Den predictions, eating pizza sadly, and so much more. It will be gross!

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Original illustrations by Marco Cannella


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