Ep. 174. The Throne of Zeus: Week Ten The Very Sorryest Episode

This week, Chris is used as a prop in a wet and wild god fight, and Matt takes some quiz revenge with the help of a premium user and it goes just fine, thank you very much!

Plus, Chris celebrates Make A Hat Day the best way possible (by creating pdfs of sweet hat cutouts that you can make RIGHT NOW – grab ’em below!), Matt learns some weirdly specific stuff about the intricacies of Greek God Time Travel, Hercules sheds a single manly tear (probably), and apologies and gratitudes go out from Matt to Sam aka @Omni314 for the very excellent quiz idea that was not pulled off very well.

Click pic to download the pdf!
Click pic to download the pdf!
Click pic to download meeeee!

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Original illustrations by Marco Cannella


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