Choosemas IV: Krampus Q&A

Krampus has returned with Q’s for all your burning A’s! And the brothers have Q’s, too! Why are there children in that giant pumpkin? What do robot cats have to do with Yetis? Is that a unicorn?

Also, Matt is still a turd brother, Chris takes on yet another Holiday Surprise Caroloke challenge, Matt must pass Chris’ Quote From This Book or Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol quiz, Krampus’ hosts a super spreader event, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS BE SAFE WE LOVE YOU!

O, Krampus Beast


On Krampus Days, these Krampus Days
We celebrate Your glory
Lord Krampus Beast, great Krampus Beast,
We hail your gory story
Your sulphur stench withers our youth,
Your seven tongues can taste our truth
Your visage at my windowsill;
I close my eyes yet see you still
On Krampus Days, these Krampus Days
We worship Your true Power
On Krampus Days we offer You
Our sanity to devour
Your poison crown of dripping horns
Will rid us of our human forms
Oh Krampus Thing, Great Krampus Thing
You are the One True Winter King

Here’s Your Krampus Carol You Monsters

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Original illustrations by Laurence Peguy.


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