Ep. 20. The Cave of Time: Week Twenty A Momentary Detour Into Positivity!

This week the guys are positively giddy! No, for real. Actual, factual JOY can be heard in their voices. It’s an extra special, star-stuffed 20th episode JUST FOR YOU!

From the sensational ELI SELZER the boys enjoy an original BREW Your Own Adventure to determine the official beer of Finish It – and Eli’s gonna actually make it for real! And his adventure is PURE BRILLIANCE! We’ll let you know as soon as we’re able to add this massive, 40-page love/hate letter to Cave of Time so you guys can play it, too. STAY TUNED.

Also, Chris stares down the barrel of a listener-suggested round of Interactive Fiction or Episode of Macgyver (thank you JAMES!), Matt is deeply affected by the shocking addition of MOMFX, you enter the water feet-first and hit bottom but the soft mud receives you gently, and did we mention a nice man is going to brew us a beer for real and we played a FUN choose-your-own to determine it? MAN WHATTA WEEK.

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Play Eli’s “Brew Your Own Adventure!”

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Original illustrations by Paul Granger.


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