Ep. 23. The Cave of Time: Week Twenty-three Bad Math Makes Big News

This week, THE GAME HAS CHANGED. A spreadsheet goof means ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. You thought you knew what was coming… BUT YOU WERE WRONG*!

Also, Matt is challenged to a round of Interactive Fiction or Early 80s Competitor Twistaplot, the guys pitch their book picks for Finish It! Volume 2, glasses are raised to the return of Choose Your Own Beverage, glitter should be thrown into the faces of crying people, there are like a dozen songs in this, and SERIOUSLY things get out of control after the brothers announce some hot news that cranks the tension up to UNACCEPTABLE LEVELS.

What do you want these dumbos to read next? Punish them or pick your favorite! Follow @FinishItPod on Twitter to participate in the poll COMING LATER TODAY.

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Original illustrations by Paul Granger.


*Unless, of course, you somehow guessed what happens in this episode correctly. Which would be very impressive. And it would mean you did know what was coming, so the top line does not apply to you. Way to go!

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