Ep. 24. The Cave of Time: Postmortem

We finished it! And you guys picked the next book! (WHO KILLED HARLOWE THROMBEY?) A lesser podcast would, like, take a break or something while they wait for the new book to be delivered but NOT US. Join us as we take one last, longing look at the accursed Cave of Time!

Plus, the guys answer bunches of listener questions (they missed a couple, sorry, they’ll hit you up on the twitter!), Chris rates the most infuriating Unanswered Questions we’re left pondering now that The Cave of Time has been conquered, the brothers toast each other over a listener-question-inspired round of Choose Your Own Beverage, the thrilling subject of the next book is teased in titillating detail, and Matt commits himself to a weekly serialized thing that could make everyone hate him forever!

A NOTE FROM THE BROTHERS YULE (as though there’s someone else writing these posts): Next week we begin a whole new adventure, and we hope you join us! Did Chris pick a great story? Did the people who voted for HarThromb make a terrible decision? Let’s find out together! And remember, don’t skip this PO-MO* if you don’t want that FOMO!

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Original illustrations by Paul Granger.


*PO-MO, you know, postmortem** ha!

**Postmortem if you got ’em! Ha ha!

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