Ep. 30. Who Killed Harlowe Thrombey? Week Six With Erin and James!

For the big three-oh it’s an extra huge helping of special guest delightfulness as the guys are joined by Erin and James from the Unabashedly Obsessed podcast!

It’s a back-to-back heapin’ helping of live reads as James and Erin both take on Harlowe Thrombey’s mysterious murder! Also, Matt gets lost in his dumb mind palace, everyone talks at once, Chris challenges the Unabashedly Obsessed team to a game of Interactive Fiction or Tales from the Darkside, and Jenny Mudge has Napoleon Dynamite hair.

Make sure to keep up with Erin and James on Twitter, listen to them on the Unabashedly Obsessed podcast (which you can also find on Twitter), listen to them some more on the Kids on Bikes real play podcast (also on the Twitter), and catch Erin in the audio drama 1994. IT’S ALL GOOD GO GET IT.

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