Everyone knows Thanksgiving is a wide-awake nightmare full of lies and horror. Instead, take a break from Thrombey as we celebrate THANKSCHOOSING with a new, yearly tradition – live-reading the insane “Spooky Thanksgiving!”

NOTE: Sorry everyone! This episode is down for maintenance. Hopefully, we’ll have it back up soon.

The brothers put re-solving the mystery of Who Killed Harlowe Thrombey on hold for a week as Chris busts out a new holiday tradition that will make everyone cringe for years to come. Plus, Matt is challenged to a Choosing Game that dares to question his holiday food identity, there’s a lot of turning for no reason, Chris plays a delicious edition of Interactive Fiction or Episode of (the Original) She-Ra Princess of Power, it’s not a party until cranberry sauce is there, and hot goth turkey.

Sorry, no #MitCoT this week (Matt was sick) but Louisa will return for more adventures soon!

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Holiday Time is Buy Merch Time!

Original illustration by Ron Wing.


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