EP. 35. Who Killed Harlowe Thrombey? Week Ten Stuck in a Howdeydodat

This week, IT’S TIME TO VOTE FOR A NEW BOOK, Chris encounters a mean Johnny Keane, and Matt fails to reassure his brother that this book isn’t somehow leaking into reality.

HOT NEWS: It’s time to vote for your favorite option for the next book we attempt to conquer! As mentioned, the books are revealed in this ep, and we’ll put the poll up on twitter real real soon.

Also, Chris is challenged to a listener-suggested (thanks, @freckled1der) game of Interactive Fiction or 1st Edition Dungeons and Dragons Module, the brothers begin to fear the Falcon, Meowen Wilson is good, Matt dumps another episode of Meanwhile in the Cave of Time, there’s an awful lot of talk about kid presidents, and the guys make a VERY SERIOUS PROMISE.

Hey! Next week, Chris and Matt will actually be together for the holidays, so expect some extra fun nonsense including a lil Harlowe break as we celebrate the holidays. Jingle jingle and etc!

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Original illustrations by Paul Granger.

SFX “Stream Train Whistle” and “Steam Train Sound” by Daniel Simion


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