It’s a Choosemas miracle as Chris and Matt are literally face-to-face as they record a very special holiday edition of the show from the tiki bar in their parents’ garage. Take a break from Thrombey as the boys go on a thrilling Himalayan excursion on the orders of their SURPRISE GUEST.

NOTE: Sorry everyone, this episode is down for maintenance. Gotta make some tweaks! Hopefully, we’ll have it back up real soon.

Choosemas means fun! Usually. But what happens when Matt’s big holiday plans are disrupted by Finish It’s NUMBER ONE FAN? Hold on to your bonnets and caps. This is going to get ugly.

Hey for seriously though, thanks everyone for listening. We’ve had a super fun year and can’t believe folks are actually joining us on this unnecessary journey. YOU ARE THE BEST! Happy holiday wishes from us dummies, and stay tuned for yet another holiday funtime on New Year’s Day as we attempt to FINISH THROMBEY ONCE AND FOR ALL.

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Holiday Time is Buy Merch Time!

Original illustration by Laurence Peguy.


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