Finish It! The Podcast: The Musical

Strap yourselves in. Prepare to black out. This episode? Full. On. Musical.

All of your questions are now answered! As long as all of your questions were just: What did Chris and Matt spend all that extra time creating? And the answer is that THIS IS A MUSICAL EPISODE! Front to back nonstop music for 30 MINUTES. When will this be hitting Broadway? It will not be hitting Broadway, but that is sweet of you to wonder!

Songs will be hitting soundcloud later this week, so for now you’ll have to listen the old fashioned way. Track list is below. PLEASE ENJOY THANK YOU WE LOVE YOU.


  1. Overture
  2. Gettin’ Ready to Podcast (Gettin’ R to P!) – 00:48
  3. Character Count – 3:14
  4. Happy to be a Space Cadet – 4:50
  5. Space Vampires! – 6:27
  6. Garlic! – 9:21
  7. Trial By Fire – 10:46
  8. Can’t Stand the Wait – 15:18
  9. Vampire’s Lament – 18:48
  10. The Quiz Song – 20:24
  11. One Last Read – 23:51
  12. The End – 26:59
  13. One Last Read (Reprise) – 27:32

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Original illustrations by Judith Mitchell.


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