EP. 46. Space Vampire: Week Nine Bad’s Big Boys

This week, the guys go back to talking instead of singing which is totally fine and fun you guys hey wait come back!

Also, Matt takes on a devious round of Interactive Fiction or Episode from Season 1 of Doctor Who, the boys do a little housekeeping and reveal the remaining number of endings, Heironymous Peppo invented the pepposcope, Chris has issues with bloodlust, Matt tweaks his ‘tude, the best human bait is lil boy bait, the guys’ bits are rusty (pls greenscreen k thx), and there’s too much baby voices, trucker trucker.

Also, we really did get the same dang reads last week, so that means it’s SAD PIZZA PARTY TIME. Please send us ideas for punishments, if you desire. You can do a tweet at us at @FinishItPod or comment or hey any old thing. We are sorry. 😦

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Original illustrations by Judith Mitchell.


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