EP. 47. Space Vampire: Week Ten Your New Friend Bites Her Lip

This week, Matt calls his read! But forgets about doing it live! But it’s still exciting! But will Chris steal his thunder? You’ve heard this show before so of course he will!

Also, the guys do a deep dive on the holobay illustration, Chris is challenged to a round of Interactive Fiction or Hardy Boys: Undercover Brothers Adventure (thanks, @ohfourmouse!), lotsa shout-outs get shouted out to folks who tweeted amazing sad pizza party suggestions, Matt cracks the mystery of the lever letters, and Daylight Savings can absolutely eff itself in its effing effhole.

SAD PIZZA PARTYs are coming soon, and we have ideas about what horrible things we’re going to do to ourselves, but there’s still time to send us ideas for punishments! Tweet us at @FinishItPod or comment wherever if you have mean and hilarious thoughts. Also, this baby went long so sorry no #MitCoT this week. Next week for sure!

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Original illustrations by Judith Mitchell.


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