Ep. 98. Rock and Roll Mystery: Week Seven Lenny and the Important Public Canvas

This week, Matt yells “YEH!” and tackles a guy, Chris gets Lenny Merkle kidnapped, and somehow the brothers manage to reveal an entirely new character and storyline from two perspectives at once!

Plus, Matt challenges Chris to a deceptively devious round of Interactive Fiction or Episode of Mad Men (in honor of Handsome Jon Hamm’s birthday, Chris calls in some advertising experts to help out a local video club, Matt drops a 20-second jam you can wash your hands to, Lenny is a menace with an umbrella, and dammit is it daylight stupid savings time again?!

Merch Time: Grab a “Love & Excitement” Shirt (Designed by Chris’ Daughter!) Profits from this Design will Go to Downtown Women’s Center in Los Angeles cuz 💖❗️

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Original illustrations by Ted Enik.


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