Ep. 103. Rock and Roll Mystery: Week Eleven Staring Grimly on the Uptown Train

There’s only 3 endings left and the stakes couldn’t be higher! PLUS it’s time to VOTE FOR THE NEXT BOOK! But wait, everyone’s on lockdown… how will the brothers find a hot new read? They have a plan for that!

Plus, Matt challenges Chris to a round of Interactive Fiction or Song by Prince, the bros finish off a couplet, a wild Pop Segment appears, Matt forgets to do a Rad Fact but then remembers later, Jimmy Perez’s dark secret is revealed, and what are the chances that the guys get the same ending so close to the end? Crazy impossible, right? Oh hey go vote for the new book! (If it’s not pinned on the twitter yet, it will be soon!)

Merch Time: Grab a “Love & Excitement” Shirt (Designed by Chris’ Daughter!) Profits from this Design will Go to Downtown Women’s Center in Los Angeles cuz 💖❗️

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Original illustrations by Ted Enik.


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