Ep. 104. Rock and Roll Mystery: Week Twelve He is Dr. Nova Now

The brothers are down to the final two endings. Will they find them both or do we all have another week of this SUPER FUN book? Plus, the new book is revealed! What will be finished next? Find out!

Plus, Chris challenges Matt to a deviously difficult round of Interactive Fiction or Song by DragonForce, the fellas reveal the next book on their FinishList, a First Sentence Song is rolled out, and OH MY GOSH ARE THEY GOING TO FINISH THIS BOOK OR BLOW IT I’M ALL SCARED!? Hey whoa, it’s just a podcast. Enjoy!

Merch Time: Grab a “Love & Excitement” Shirt (Designed by Chris’ Daughter!) Profits from this Design will Go to Downtown Women’s Center in Los Angeles cuz 💖❗️

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Original illustrations by Ted Enik.


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