Ep. 130. Into the Dungeon with Hari Conner

That’s right! We’re never going back under the sea! This week, Chris and Matt welcome special guest Hari Conner, illustrator and author of the amazing interactive fiction book, Into the Dungeon. It’s awesome! It has character sheets and a guy ate Matt’s finger!

Also, Chris and Matt learn all about Hari after playing the way-over-the-top jangle for What’s Your Deal?, Matt challenges Chris and Hari to a round of Interactive Fiction or Classic D&D Module (thanks yet again, @TheWalkingDog6!), Hari’s amazing book gets its own not-nearly-as-amazing jangle, and seriously pick up this book because it’s awesome! There’s plenty of links to buy below! It’s super fun!

Pick Up Into the Dungeon on Indiebound

Buy Into the Dungeon on Bookshop

Follow Hari on the Twitter!

Check Out Hari’s Official Site!

Hari Also Has A Very Cool Etsy Store!

Also Here’s That Adventure Zone Game It Looks Cool!

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